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Aquarius (2022) — hex6c
  1. InC. InC is many things. It’s a tribute to the musical piece In C composed by Terry Riley in 1964. It’s the digital spinoff of Project Italy, a geographic and contextual journey all over Italy, with the aim of producing a live show dedicated to Italy. Finally, InC is my first project for Art Blocks. In fact, it’s the second!
  2. EVA. Eva is a generative art project that stems from the idea of representing the genetic code (DNA) in an artistic way. The DNA represents the code of every living being; this code was the inspiration to write another code — programmable — that generated the artwork. The project has been exhibited in a virtual space of the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.
  3. Almagesto. Almagesto is a Ptolemaic generative art system that I coded to generate artworks associated with the 12 common known astrological signs. The system closely resembles the motion of the epicycle/deferent scheme, which was proposed in Ptolemy’s Almagest to describe the motions of the planets and stars around the earth and later adopted by Copernicus to describe the motion of the moon around the earth.
  4. Generative Art Recoded. GAR is an effort to preserve pioneering generative artworks by translating them into a modern programming language — Processing. In most cases, the original code underlying these early masterpieces got lost, unfortunately. My goal is also to offer a learning resource of Processing for both art and science students.
  5. Coilgram. Coilgrams are coiled representations of iconic moments of the life of different blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos), identified by specific blocks of the chain. Coilgram is an algorithm that uses the hash of a block to produce a unique artistic representation of the block. It has been a pilot project of Art Blocks.
  6. Primenuum. Primenuum is an artistic visualization of prime numbers — natural numbers that cannot be formed by multiplying two smaller natural numbers. A collaborative project with Sergio Scarlet from Hackatao.
  7. Life of Ξ. Life of Ξ is a digital-analog project that represents 8 notable moments of the life of Ethereum blockchain. It has been displayed on a museum in the metaverse Decentraland.
  8. NFT. NFT is my first NFT (July 2018), that won a creative challenge organized by 0xCert and KnownOrigin. It is dedicated to the ERC-721 NFT standard, that was brand new at that time.



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