The Coilgram series tells the history of blockchain through coiled representations of iconic moments of several blockchains, identified by specific blocks of the chain. Essentially Coilgram is an algorithm that uses the hash of a block to produce a corresponding unique artistic representation which is tokenized as NFT.

A hash

Andy-Machine-Portrait-2020 (2020), hex6c

A polymath melting pot

Crypto art is a fortunate encounter between art, technology, economics, and politics. It inherits from conceptual art, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the cypherpunk movement.

  1. The novel idea of crypto art is to associate a digital artwork with a non-fungible token or NFT;
  2. NFTs are cryptographic tokens stored on a blockchain that…

Spesso mi sento rivolgere questa domanda:

Come si diventa un crypto artist?

Ecco il mio decalogo. Non perderti l’undicesimo consiglio.

  1. Crea per necessità, non per soldi. La bellezza, e non il denaro, salverà il mondo. Crea solo quando senti il bisogno di esprimere qualcosa di imprescindibile per te, non farlo…

I am a data scientist and a generative artist. In both cases, I mainly work with data and code, always in collaboration with a machine. This is me: hex6c.

If you’re wondering, 6c is the hexadecimal code for 108, which is the number of grains of the Mala — a…

E sì che uno come lui, dopo aver vissuto tanti anni in Italia, avrebbe dovuto rendersi conto che la bellezza non può essere programmata, essendo sempre l’effetto secondario di altre ricerche, spesso molto normali. Fondamenta degli Incurabili — Iosif Brodskij

InC is many things.

First of all, it’s a tribute…

EVA is a generative art project that stems from the idea of representing the genetic code (DNA) in an artistic way. The DNA represents the code of every living being; this code was the inspiration to write another code — programmable — that generated the artwork. The result was a…

Comirnaty is the name of the well-known Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for active immunisation to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. We made an artwork dedicated to Comirnaty. Its story is told below.

When I decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine, I immediately inquired about its contents. First, I discovered that it…

“The computer may be potentially as valuable a tool to the arts as it has already proven itself to be in the sciences” Michael Noll

Generative Art Recoded is an effort to preserve pioneering generative artworks by translating them into a modern programming language (Processing). Indeed, in most cases, the…


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